Known as one of the most fantastic settings you will ever visit, Kota Kinabalu will engulf you in its balmy temperatures and warm hospitality from the minute you arrive. Situated in north Malaysia, the location is absolutely breathtaking. Mountainous terrain and dense rainforest and jungles meet dazzling blue waters and white sand, and if that isn’t enough to absolutely amaze you, the diverse flora and fauna is sure to do the job.

The surrounding environment is the focus on this island with abundant natural wonders and in the depths of the greens, you’ll find the remarkable Tabin Wildlife Reserve and Kinabalu National Park.kotakinabalu-lg-image.jpg

The Tabin Wildlife Reserve is perfect for the traveling animal lover. Focused on protecting endangered species including the Borneo Pygmy Elephant, Sumatran Rhinoceros and thand three different species of beautiful wild cats, the Tabin Wildlife Reserve is also home to over 220 species of birds. With active and mud rich volcanos, popular with the animals, the reserve is the perfect platform for wildlife observation and bird watching. Exploring the forest through hiking trails will allow you to immerse yourself and experience the native plants and jungle life first hand!

On the outskirts of Kota Kinabalu you’ll find Kinabalu National Park, one of the world’s most significant natural environments. Abundant in natural flora and fauna, several hundred species which are found exclusively in the park itself, Kinabalu National Park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2000. The wondrous terrain ranges from lush, green rainforest at the park’s lowest altitudes, while further up the mountain, rhododendron and coniferous forest yield brilliant blooms and Christmas-like pine trees! The sheer diversity displayed in the one place will overwhelm your senses: you won’t know where to start!


If the depths of the blue are more your style, why not explore Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park! Only 15 to 20 minutes via speedboat, the seas are perfect for snorkelling, the white sands welcome you to soak in the sun, and there are endless options for those who want to get more active. With an extensive variety of marine life and some of the most stunning scenery the world has to offer, no matter what activity you choose to do, the astoundingly azure South China Sea will invigorate you, and leave you wanting more.

A mysterious destination, rich in marvels from jungle to sea there is so much more of Kota Kinabalu to discover than Mother Nature’s handiwork. The beautiful city is rich in culture and Sabah State Museum and Heritage Village is the perfect place to immerse yourself. The hustle and bustle of the exotic town can be experienced in the buzzing market places, and exciting streets and your holiday wouldn’t be complete without making a visit to the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre! Feed the Orangutans from the awe-inspiring free roaming area, and take the opportunity observe their rehabilitative transition back to the wild. These loveable creatures will be sure to woo you!

After you’re done exploring for the day, why not put your feet up and enjoy a delicious tropical cocktail as you watch the sun set over the South China Sea. Life couldn’t be any better in Kota Kinabalu.