Diving and Snorkelling

Don’t sink your money into a holiday that won’t fill your tank with air.

Divers, snorkellers and water-lovers alike all appreciate the beauty and variety of coral and marine life found in the waters of Malaysia. From untouched islands off the coast of Borneo to limited beach-diving sites on peninsular Malaysia, there is variety for all ages and ability levels to have an incredible time in crystal-clear water.

For a unique and memorable trip that incorporates not just snorkelling options but conservation efforts and rainforest walks, plan a trip to Turtle Island from Sandakan. The boat ride to the island is about an hour, and when you arrive you are greeted with the vision of a postcard-perfect idea of an island escape. Rent some snorkel gear and hit the beach; you will discover so many variations of fish and anemones living in rocks; giant clams; sea slugs and spiny sea urchins and much more!

While in Kota Kinabalu you will find a large assortment of dive and tour operators, offering half-day excursions to week-long PADI dive courses. Ensure you check their qualifications and certifications to ensure you are receiving the best deal, but at My Malaysia we can confidently recommend Scuba Junkie, whose excellent, resourceful and knowledgeable guides, delicious food choices and vibrant personalities make for an ideal day out. Bring your sunscreen!

Redang and Lang Tengah Islands can be visited outside of Malaysia’s monsoon season and both of these islands are off the east coast of peninsular Malaysia. With calm, clear waters, Redang is a perfect spot for beginning divers or those still gaining their confidence in the water. Lang Tengah, sitting just a bit further past Redang, allows non-divers to bask in the beauty of their surroundings and witness the antics of the marine life as well. Tioman Island, also off Malaysia’s east coast, is another top choice for PADI courses, beginner divers, snorkellers and kayakers, however you can only reach Tioman by air from Kuala Lumpur.

With fascinating marine life, hard and soft corals, friendly reef sharks, qualified and well-organised dive companies will ensure that, whether you’re looking to get face-to-face with a lion fish or float above the colourful coral, Malaysia is an ideal place to jump in the water and see what’s there!