Health and Wellbeing

A Holiday to Refresh and Rejuvenate

Malaysia is a budding destination for international travellers seeking health and wellness treatments in serene, peaceful settings and who want to avoid the “traditional” Asian destinations like Bali and Thailand. With inexpensive and direct flights from various cities around Australia, a rich culture and so many differing cultures, landscapes and traditions, a visit to Malaysia quickly becomes a treat to all your senses.

The main drawcard for health and wellness holidays in Malaysia revolves around the idea of aftercare treatment for the mind, body and soul, and not just about a treatment itself. From medical tourism (plastic surgery, dental treatments) to spiritual retreats, Malaysia is a one-stop-shop for healing your mind and body and learning how to maintain your personal wellness. Not only this, but the Malaysian treatments also teach people about preventative care – taking care of your body before reaching the point of needing treatment.

In such a richly multicultural society it’s no surprise that health and wellness treatments in Malaysia combine influences from ancient Indian, Chinese and Malay traditions, using local, indigenous herbs and plants and taking advantage of their natural healing properties. Hot springs, located around the country, offer visitors aid in reducing eczema and arthritis symptoms with the minerals and antioxidants found in the water.

Resorts and spas throughout Malaysia offer wellness packages that offer anything from healthy eating courses, juice fasts, yoga and meditation, holistic therapies, organic spa treatments and so much more. With the ability to book a week or three in one of these incredible locations, the focus on finding wellness and preventing – as opposed to reacting – to personal health is always the focus.

Sometimes the best natural treatment to relax and rejuvenate is simply spending time in nature, and with Malaysia boasting the world’s oldest rainforest, one of the tallest mountain peaks in the region and one of the deepest and most diverse cave systems in the world, it’s not difficult to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this astounding country. Watch orang-utans in the wild, sip hot tea and listen to the rush of rivers or waterfalls to find inner peace and calm.

Whether your personal treatment includes playing an 18-hole round of golf or submerging yourself in bubbling hot springs, the team at My Malaysia will be happy to help you plan and organize the perfect healthy escape.