An Island connected to the mainland by road, think palm trees, rainforest and plenty of Malaysian culture, mixed with modern western influences. George Town, the state capital is a UNESCO World Heritage Site full of fascinating history.

Situated on the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Penang is a city where East meets West, a fusion of history, culture, architecture, food and overall way of life. While accommodating modern amenities, luxury resorts and brightly lit skyscrapers, Penang is still home to traditional villages, colonial towns and well-preserved heritage buildings. Lose yourself in the streets of the city or head underwater for brilliant marine life and world-class diving. Georgetown is the capital of Penang and the most visited centre in the area. Gaining UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site listing, the history of the town is fascinating, incorporating British, Dutch and traditional Asian influences as you wander around colonial buildings and past Buddhist temples. Penang is considered the foodie capital of Malaysia, with hawker street stalls selling anything and everything you can imagine. Combining flavours and techniques from across the globe, the main fares here will be a mix of Chinese, Malay and Indian cuisines. Watch as a meal is freshly prepared right before your eyes! Get off the ground and into the air with a ride along Penang Hill, where you can escape the heat and enjoy the refreshing air at this altitude. Gawk at some of the grandest colonial mansions, now functioning as guest houses and restaurants, or work off last night’s feast with a hike through the Botanic Gardens. Seeking an escape from the city life? Head to the stunning Batu Ferringhi Beach, with golden sands and lapping waves, as well as night markets with local souvenirs for sale. So for the most exciting, compact and convenient microcosm of Malaysia, plan your Malaysia holiday stay in Penang with a My Malaysia holiday expert today!

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